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Rolls Mama is a fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in Kolkata Kathi Rolls and Momos. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your next meal:

Authentic Flavors: We are passionate about bringing the authentic flavors of Kolkata street food to our customers. Our menu features a range of Kathi Rolls and Momos that are made using traditional cooking techniques and fresh ingredients, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor.

Convenience: As a fast-casual restaurant, we understand the importance of convenience. Our QSR outlets are designed to provide quick and efficient service without compromising on quality or taste. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, Rolls Mama has got you covered.

Quality: At Rolls Mama, we are committed to providing high-quality food and exceptional customer service. Our team of experienced chefs and friendly staff are dedicated to making every dining experience a memorable one.

Customization: We understand that every customer has unique preferences and dietary requirements. That’s why we offer a range of customization options, allowing you to create a meal that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

Value for Money: We believe that great food shouldn’t have to break the bank. Our menu offers a range of affordable options without compromising on quality or taste.

In conclusion, whether you’re craving a delicious Kolkata Kathi Roll or a tasty plate of Momos, Rolls Mama is the perfect choice for a quick and convenient meal. With authentic flavors, exceptional quality, and unbeatable value for money, we are confident that you’ll love our food and keep coming back for more.

Kolkata Kathi rolls are a popular Indian street food that originated in Kolkata. These delicious rolls consist of skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in a paratha with onions, chutney, and spices. At Rolls Mama, we offer a range of authentic Kolkata Kathi rolls made using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

Momos are a popular street food in India, particularly in the Himalayan regions. These dumplings are typically filled with meat or vegetables and seasoned with a blend of spices. At Rolls Mama, we offer a variety of delicious momos made with high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Come try our momos for a delicious and satisfying meal!

QSR Model

QSR stands for "Quick Service Restaurant." A QSR is a type of fast-food restaurant that emphasises speed and convenience, typically serving affordable, prepared food items that customers can order and receive quickly. QSRs often have a limited menu of popular items that can be prepared quickly and consistently, such as Kolkata Kathi rolls, Momos, Maggie, and drinks. The focus on speed and convenience often means that QSRs have a streamlined service model, with self-service ordering kiosks, drive-thru lanes, or mobile ordering options to minimize wait times. This Set up might require soace between 500 to 1500 SFT

Kiosk Model

A food kiosk is typically a small standalone structure that can be placed in high-traffic areas such as malls, airports, or train stations. The kiosk usually has a limited menu of popular food items, and customers can place their orders through a touch screen or a cashier. The food is prepared and served from the kiosk, and there is usually no seating available. Customers can either take their food away or find nearby seating. Space required for this set up is 60 to 100 SFT

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